Trimline Treadmill Error Codes

Helping you get back to your fitness - trouble free

Trimline Treadmills error codes can be very annoying. Especially when you just want to get on with your workout and get into shape! Luckily this article has been put together to help you deal with most of the common error codes on trimline treadmills.

Err Ls / L5M
This is an error for the speed sensor. To fix it you'll need to open the cover. Underneath the cover you'll see the main circuit board and a long black wire that goes from the circuit board to a sensor that's next to the pulley. The pulley will be next to a roller that turns the conveyer belt. Wiggle the magnet on the pulley and see if the LED on the main board comes on.

If this doesn't solve the problem: try moving the magnet a little close to the sensor to see if that works. The sensor needs to be about 1/8 of an inch away from the magnet. If this still doesn't work: unplug the sensor from the circuit board to test it. Make sure the light comes on when the magnet is closed with a milti-meter.

Finally connect the two wires in the plug. This should cause the LED to come on. The conclusion of all the above is that the sensor might be faulty. It's simply a case of ordering a new one.